Come Up
1. This Race
2. Room To Breathe
3. Not A Love Song
4. Carry You Around
5. Summertime
6. Signature
7. Surely Unstable
8. Seek The Highest
9. Holiday
10. Dream Me
11. Dive
12. Be Your Girl
13. Sustained


This Race

Bass – eric chorostecki
Drums – t. greencorn

I left home a short time ago
Now I’m here in lesser degrees of whole
We have all spread out to live full tilt
But we come together strong
Now spring sings it’s hopeful song
After the loneliness of winter endured months too long
And out my window I see life below
And none of those people could know
Just how far I’ve come
Here at the bottom of my ambition all I can do is keep it up
The measure of my success is the service I am lost to

Don’t run past the mark
Faster than your hearts true pace
You’ll miss the better part
Not to the swift goes this race

If I do it all wrong can’t give what’s strong
My faith calls for it’s test and my heart a more humble song
Everything is fine if to prayer I take my concerns and leave them there
If love be the centre of my good how far can this be
The purer my heart the more room to breathe
If I only live from perfect moment to perfect hope
Where’s the room for my tears

The rainbow raised after the rains calls our attention to it’s high place
Before it was any other thing it was a hopeful promise

So here I am preparing I’m on my way by
Let grace be at my side while I live in season in time
Counting blessings in tens and feeling good and strong
Carry on
Carry on


Room to Breathe

Lead guitar – N. Gerster
Bass – e. chorostecki
Congas – duane lauzon

It’s not the logic that heals
It’s that moment of insight
Freedom from the explanations that’s she’s been giving leave her
Room to breathe

She wants to be in him like a wave to his sea
Never separate
In his absence she will fret and feel the distance
And wonder what he sees and when he’ll be coming back
I love you just seemed obvious to them
She never could explain, why should she have to anyway
He brought the lesson of a better hope, a better faith
Which fight to remain with her, whether or not he can stay

She’s given him the chance to define
A moment or two in her time
She listens carefully to the words he is offering
The magic they bring, and she is wondering
How can he see all that lies in between
How easily she belongs to him

His eyes are so gentle she is often lost
Searching in his depths
There may be power in his length
But his is a subtle strength
She feels it when he says
I keep you here with me

She wants to be in him like a wave to his sea
Never separate



Not a love song

Where do we go from here
Move forward or just stand still
Baby tell me what you feel
Cuz when this night is over
I’ll still be here
This is what it comes down to
There will always be a crossroad
This time it’s about who you choose
Not which way you go

It’s not always a love song
Oh darling, I love the way you smile
It’s not always a love song
I love the way you look at me

Maybe it’s just her restlessness
You can never tell
Then she whispers I love you the best
I love you, I love you well

It’s not always a love song
And you know it and she knows it
But still you carry on
It’s not always a love song
And you might get hurt but she’s worth it
And she’ll pull you along

It’s not always a love song
Oh darling, I love to hear your voice
It’s not always a love song
Oh darling, it’s your choice.



Carry you around

Electric guitar – jeff
Acoustic – t.greencorn/e.clark
Bass – e. chorostecki

How you smile
How you lay your hands
How the rest of you just arrives
How god will still provide
Who I lack the eloquence to describe
Now I’m a couple thousand miles
From where I started this dive
I still carry the feel of you
Unmarred by distances or time

Just a crazy random day
Carried around in our usual ways
And I remember I had something to say
No one to listen, until you came

Who dreamed who
I swear we were both coming true
There’s no explaining you or what this meant
Just time well spent

We can get so easily lost standing
In left over light that others shed
Or we are left none the richer
While they are aside set
But we were so caught in the miracle of 5 days
Before the final night that we decide to drown

You talked about god as your lead and you said
Extend these moments with your memories
Your words discovered me
And now I can’t keep my pages free of you

We were so good together
Spent our love well
Rested in the calm of being found
Reveled in just being
And spoke of random things

Keep you this vivid forever
There still may be some other
I’m not waiting on you for anything
I just carry you around



I’ve been thinking what an honor you to me is
After all the memories that I have to visit
I want to continue to sit at your feet
At my most humble and learn
From the example you offer me
You carry yourself with wondrous dignity
In harmony with all the great things
That I complicate by defining

Your signature
Rests on all of me
Even the sound of my name changes
When you call out to me

Then I think of sisters holding hands
Where history tells of different lives
Here our paths converge
When I came and offered new you stood and claimed your role
And you filled it well, filled the gaps in my soul that solitude bore
The better story that I crave to have told
Has an audience from awkward to graceful while you watch it unfold

There is always succulence bathing
Every word you return to me
Your insights, the power of your poetry
Are the blankets of comfort that accompany me
The thinnest moments carry the weight of our eternity
I’m grateful that this time spent with you
Is me shaping

Your signature
Rests on all of me
The miracle of ordinary turning graceful rests in you
Embraces me, embraces me




Surely Unstable

Electric guitar – jeff

I have no boundary to contain roller coaster faith and doubt
I’ll need patience today
After my wild wondering where will I stay
Sprawled out unfettered a flower’s message unfolds
I have been loved and I have been told

Here where I am
Surely unstable
Here where I’m tamed by love
And it’s sweetness calls me back for more

I have men to watch me touch my tongue to my lower lip
Run finger tips across smooth shoulder skin
Tell me what virtue laid is this
To spend the intoxication of my kiss

Here where I am
Surely unstable
Here where I crave and consume love
Inside boundaries that I don’t cross

I cry magnificently I am full of wild, wild wonderment
My heart feels so much more than my head yet comprehends
So when the mystery fades against mistakes my memory has made
I want to see the glory of passion spent

Here where I am
Surely unstable
Here where I’m tamed by love
And it’s fury calls me back for more

What has been tangled wont come unraveled in one short night
I’m gonna take my time
I’m gonna take my time
Take sweet sweet time

Here where I am
Surely unstable
I am spirit-full
These lessons call me back for more
Come into myself, come into myself
Come into myself and linger there

Seek the highest

I get overwhelmed by
My own design
Sure I cannot attend this life alone
The moment calls me to my knees
Father reach me here I plead
I strive to bridge the gap between me and thee

I seek the highest
Step by stumbling step

I’m so tired of
Paying the price of
Day after day of choosing pride
Debt lies on my eternal side
Then something important and something profound
Confuses by being so easily found
Lost under layers of conditioning that must be rewound

Lost the sense in fight back when
All is one by just holding on
Be diligent and faithful
Oh, heed ye this call
Move on from living in cycles of fear and doubt
Shed your despair find cause to rejoice
Let love be your source

And I am moving on
From prayer to stepping strong
Leaning on the guidance of a perspective
That doesn’t lead wrong





Bass – e. chorostecki
Acoustic guitar – t.greencorn/erin

Holiday, everything closed
Rushing all that I am supposed to do
Supposed to know
Supposed to be with you
Where did intention take me
Where did dreams lead
If I am left to reconcile
Where did your voices go
Where has it all rested
And then where from here?

Holiday, everything closed
Grey and rainy day
Mud instead of roads
And I can’t go outside to play
So much time passing
But I am not waiting
I am living on
I know what I’m doing
I know why I’m here
Believe me it’s hope not bravery
That stays the fear

I have learned to add diligence to every question
The answers tend to come with time
Just find your peace
Know where your comfort lies
And I say
Dream on, dream on

Cuz it’s a holiday
And everything is closed
Caught in the battles I’m forced to fight
And the battles I chose the losses I still mourn
But life brings it’s own light
And we have our own power to choose what’s right
We only must endure triumph will be ours
Though we’re breathless and falling be secure
What is closed may be opened I’m sure
A holiday only lasts one day at a time
And tomorrow is mine

Dream me

Dream me, bring me home where I feel safe
Out here I feel alone and out of place
I can still hear your songs and they’re dancing in the air
Did I walk away too soon, will you still be there?

Dream me
I belong to you
Dream me
Bring me home to you

No one listens like you do
You let me be still
Let the lessons teach their truth
How I feel incomplete being misunderstood

I am on this journey
Learning what I will know
Becoming who I’ll be
Yes I’m proud
Yes I’m humble
I am even willing
I’m just hungry for everything you fed to me

Dream me
I belong to you
Dream me your patience tames
Your grace renews
Dream me there’s no where I’d rather go
Dream me and bring me home






You have a million reasons for living
I’m just trying to stay alive
You say we should stop and think about it
I say, shut up and dive

Here comes one incandescent moment
The rest is arbitrary emotion
The best is when you stumble into clarity
Become aware of momentary devotion

Then the world closes in around us
And we link hands
Praying this bond will get us through it
Find us on the other side

We have fears of knowing people
And we have fears of being alone
Then one day the cycle hits us
We venture into an unknown
Don’t stop to wonder if you’re brave enough
Darling, don’t ask for a ride
Times like this come only so often
Then they’re gone with the tide

Would you like to come along with me
I can tell you’ve been waiting for a while
It’s okay if you want to lean on me
I’ll be here the whole time






Be your girl

It’s this building up and going on that has me hooked
It rises into a craving and claiming
That drives me near to crazy
And then you call me angel and I know that you’re here too
And then I feel the you in me and that leads me to be
The one I am only through the love you bring to me
The love you bring to me, when your girl I be

It’s taking of confusion the mask doubt wears
And putting on faith and being sure on this
That our hearts belong to this place
Past figuring it out
That’s what being your girl is about

It’s in the time spent on waiting worth the very last second
And my heart’s rhythm is anticipating
And the chord it plays is very warm
And I get caught up
And with every breath uncurl that’s what it is to be your girl

It’s in the silence of me listening
To the meaning your words wrap around
That’s how being your girl sounds

It’s knowing your voice over all the din
Knowing you will claim your hardest win
And being near throughout the quest for truth
You’re tangled in
It’s believing in the dreams you need to come true
The magic of carrying you through
And seeing all you hide
And loving you on, that’s how being your girl is done

In between this love we make is all god’s freedom and honesty
And the inspiration he gives
That calls us to create
So we put all beauty at stake
That’s what being your girl takes




Had all my own ideas about how it should be done
Confined to my intentions left my work unsanctified
Settled into my conclusions set the path to my own defeat
Learned my willingness is not my protection, my obedience must precede

Have I sought you well
Are mine careless or earnest prayers
Put away another set of earthly cares
And be set apart

Without a lead I went unsteadily
Fell between anger and despair
Blemished now with apathy
Fought the war of us and them
Learned there’s enough forgiveness to go around

Sufficient grace envelope me
When my heart is struggling
I see only darkness’ increase
Be the release

I’ve felt this in every direction
No side sticks for long
Before I bend to a new perspective
It’s not elusive and I’m not frail
But the intents of pride lead deceptive trails

Forgive me my haste
I was unpoised and unprepared
Wont be right till god restores
What I can’t repair

Despite my careless urgency
The path I walk was laid before
And I was taught to fish for light
When life’s course became unsure
So if I foot unsolid ground I will see
I’ve been sustained beyond necessity

Unfailing light I discover thee
Beacon from my longed for home
And so my course is up
Heart set sure on eternity